Daniel captures personalities in his photos,
it’s these personalities that become the iconic images of your wedding day.
Daniel Griffiths

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: Effortlessly Capturing Moments

Every smile, every laugh, every look of love.

With Daniel Griffiths Photography, your wedding will be captured exquisitely, in a way that few can produce.

As a reputable and renowned professional wedding photographer, Daniel is known to Sydney couples as an unobtrusive photographer, who stops little moments from running away – capturing them so you’re able to treasure them for years to come.

He understands that every couple is unique, and he endeavors to capture their story, to truly represent their relationship. Every wedding is different, and how you want it captured is up to you. That’s why, with one of the best wedding photographers in Sydney, each unforgettable moment will be preserved.

Clients often say they feel awkward in front of the camera. Daniel adjusts his shooting style on the fly to match your connection and personalities. We realise not everyone likes being photographed so we make sure we don’t get up in your face, we let the day evolve naturally as we shoot it. But don’t worry, everyone looks different and feels different on their wedding day and you have your freinds and family around to put people at ease! There’s so much emotion floating around the place you wont ever notice you’re being photographed, and besides, we are pretty sure that’s whey they invented Champagne!


A range of wedding photography services for every couple

Due to his 15 years’ experience in photojournalism, Daniel’s photos tell a story. If a picture tells a thousand words, then once Daniel has finished shooting your special day, you’ll never be searching for the words to describe your love for one another again.

As a boutique and destination wedding photographer, Daniel specialises in shooting scenes using the natural surrounds to complement the happy couple. As well as delivering spectacular wedding photography to couples around Sydney, he also offers a range of services. If you’ve recently gotten engaged, his pre wedding photography service is ideal for you. Daniel’s exceptional skills also spectacularly capture the lively colours and excitement of Indian and Lebanese weddings.

If you’re interested in booking one of the top ten wedding photographers in Sydney for your special day, contact Daniel today.


Looking for a photojournalistic wedding photographer?

Daniel will take the time to listen to and understand your story, so as to truly capture a story that fits your relationship and your wedding day. If you’re ready to discuss your needs with one of Sydney’s most respected professional wedding photographers, it’s time to contact Daniel Griffiths for your photography needs today.

Do you have any questions regarding Daniel’s range of wedding photography and the costs involved? You can contact Daniel by calling 0412 448 305, or by emailing daniel@dgphotos.com.au.

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Because of his 15 year history in Photojournalism Daniel considers himself, first and foremost, a photojournalist who captures weddings.

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