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Daniel Griffiths is an international wedding photographer and award winning destination wedding photograper.

Best Wedding Photographer Sydney

Sydney wedding photographer Daniel Griffiths entered the world of weddings after 16yrs as a photojournalist for Sydney’s leading newspapers. It was his desire to capture emotion and interaction rather than just staged events that inspired Daniel to pursue Boutique Wedding Photography in Sydney Australia becoming well known as a Destination Wedding Photographer. 20 years later, Daniel is one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Australia.

This multi award winning Wedding Photographer, whose accolades began back in 1992, include the AIPP, Australian Institute of Photography, International Aperture awards and numerous Press Photography awards that have taken his Photography from strength to strength. His breadth of experience as a Destination Wedding Photographer spans the globe and has allowed him to confidently capture weddings from all cultural backgrounds.

Daniel is renowned for his gift as an unobtrusive Wedding Photographer during the day and yet artistically capturing the unique relationships between bride and groom using a candid wedding photography style. Moreover, this international Award Winning Wedding Photographer personally shoots almost every wedding ensuring the best wedding photography. Daniel also extends himself beyond weddings: baby and family portraits.

From the high-profile to the humble Australian, Daniel’s passion stems from a desire to capture the moment before it passes. His attention to detail is esteemed by his colleagues and cherished by his clients. Ultimately Daniel captures personalities in his photos, it’s these personalities that become the iconic images of your wedding day.

“My mother photographed Donald Campbell’s land speed record on Lake Eyre in 1964. As a child, I was absolutely fascinated with the Kodachrome slides and would gaze at them in awe. When I was 12 I purchased my first SLR Film camera and that was the beginning of my adventure and passion for photography. Birthday parties, holidays and Christmases were always captured by me. I was working for Kodak in Perth where i developed my film. At that time you would have to send your E-6 film away to Melbourne to have it developed and wait 6-8 weeks to see your images! It meant you had to be spot on with regards to exposure and focus, there was little latitude for error with slide film.”

I started my career as a Photo-Journalist in Perth and eventually made my way to Sydney and settled here. During my time at News Ltd I developed and refined my skills as a true Photo-Journalist, which is primarily based on an “as it happens” approach and capturing truly candid moments. After more than a decade of working as a photojournalist, I took the leap and devoted my time to being the best wedding photographer in Sydney. A lifelong passion for photography and urbane skills as a photojournalist were the perfect combination to effortlessly capture every little moment of weddings. A picture is worth a thousand words and my photographs are storytelling that will be passed down through the generations. With my photojournalist background, I brought with me the belief that a good wedding photographer can be unobtrusive and still capture both the beautiful and the important moments. My work and passion for photography has taken me around the world from the French countryside, to the vibrancy of Beirut, to the beaches of Sri Lanka and all the way to the beauty and architectural wonders of Barcelona. For as far and wide as I have gone, Sydney has my heart and remains as one of my favourite locations to shoot. Over the years, I have won awards from the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) and awarded “Top Ten Australian Wedding Photographers” by Capture Magazine. As a boutique wedding photographer in Sydney, I train my team to shoot in this creative, attentive and non-invasive way while keeping in mind that some clients do indeed want a little direction on the day.