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A  wedding is an impressive celebration, an extravagant day filled with energy, colour, love, friends and family and of course, plenty of dancing and photos. For many years, Daniel Griffiths has expertly captured the immense love, joy and festivity that comes with a Lebanese wedding, effortlessly preserving your ceremony and celebration.

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A range of wedding photography options available

Daniel understands that planning a wedding is not without its stresses. Finding a wedding photographer with the skill and the experience to perfectly preserve your special day is never an easy task, but when you choose Daniel Griffiths Photography, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Sydney.

Each wedding is unique, and each couple wants their special day preserved in a different way. Daniel will take the time to completely understand how you want your special day immortalised, outlining each moment and feature of the day that you wish to preserve for the years to come. Daniel understands that with any wedding, respect of the various traditions and ceremonies involved are of the utmost importance, and due to his 15 years’ experience as a photojournalist will highlight the importance of such a celebration.

With a range of packages and services to suit any couple and accommodate any budget, it’s easy to see why Daniel is Sydney’s Top wedding photographer of choice.


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Daniel is one of Sydney’s premier boutique and destination wedding photographers, and has established himself as one of the best wedding photographers available. His award-winning work has taken him around Sydney, and the world, and has allowed him to respectfully and confidently capture weddings from all cultural backgrounds, including Lebanese weddings, Indian weddings and pre wedding celebrations.

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